Projects on Cartrdge are where you organize all the information about a game or project you’re working on, and where all the uploads related to it are displayed. You can also add other Cartrdge users as collaborators, so that their avatar is displayed on the Project and they’re then able to upload work to it.


If your project is a game, your title should be the name of that game. If your project is a collection of say, a bunch of pixel art posts - then "Pixel Art" would be a good title. The title will be prominently displayed on the Project page.

Header Image

You must choose a custom header image for each project. High res is better. Similar to the Title, the header image should provide some context for the Project page. Get creative!


A text summary about your Project. If it's a game, jazz it up with an exciting description. If your Project is just a collection of Posts with similar themes or attributes, help folks connect the dots.

Platforms, Engine, Controls & Genres

Same as with individual Posts, you should select the applicable genres, what platforms the game is for, the engine it’s running on, and the controls inputs it supports. All of these details will be visible on your Project page.


A list of notable attributes that weren't covered by Platforms, Engine, Controls or Genres. All of this will be searchable very soon, so don't skimp on the details - they will help folks find your content.

Release Date

You can provide a release date down to the exact time, or just leave it blank to display as TBA.


We’ve provided a space for you to link to external websites in 3 distinct categories - Play, Crowdfunding and Social. We’ll then display those links using snazzy logo’s for each.

Currently supported links:
  • Play: Steam, Gog, Humble and Itch
  • Crowdfunding: Kickstarter and Indiegogo
  • Social: Facebook and Twitter, as well as the website for the game if you’ve made one


You can add any Post you've created to a Project. Your most recent Posts will be displayed in the search results column or you can search by just about any text value in a Post. Add posts from the "results" column to your "added" column, to include them in the Project. Use the little plus/minus buttons to do that.

You can also create a Post from within the Project form (convenient!). If you create a Post from within the Project form, the Post will already be filled out with information like Genres and Tags, inherited from the Project. You can keep those values or modify them, your call. You'll likely find the workflow easier if you create Posts in this way, if you’re planning on grouping them together.


When creating a Project or later in its settings, you’ll be able to add (and of course remove) collaborators. Anyone added as a collaborator will then be able to upload posts to that Project, and have their avatar displayed on the page for all to see. It’s a way to show off your team, and to let each person share what they’re working on for the game or project.

Please note - at the moment there’s no such thing as admin privileges, so anyone added as a collaborator will have the same admin and editing abilities as the creator of the page. The only exception is that a collaborator can not remove the creator from the project or delete the project.