Cartrdge is a portfolio website. And Posts are how you document, share and get feedback on your work. These posts are snapshots from your past or present video games projects. Whether it's from a AAA blockbuster, indie game or weekend hackathon project that was mothballed years ago - this is the perfect place to show it off, get feedback and connect with people who are interested in your project. Not all fields are mandatory but adding more details makes it easier for people to understand what's happening in your post.

Post Media

Your post could be a still image (jpeg or png) or an animated GIF. You can also embed videos (Youtube or Vimeo), 3D models (Sketchfab) or soundbites (Soundcloud). Share an in game screenshot, a sketch, character render, lighting effect, environment, concept art, animation sequence, music or sound effects - whatever you dream up.

Post title

A short, descriptive and alluring title for your post.

Post description

Explain what's happening in the post, provide some context. Ask for feedback on specific areas of concern if you have any; people want to help but it’s important to guide them. Be descriptive but concise, a few short sentences is perfect.

Post details

Filling in these details will help make your post discoverable for folks interested in its various aspects. The project, if applicable. The types of input controls the game supports, the engine, supported platforms and any other relevant tags. As the number of posts on Cartrdge increases, we will add more functionality that will make these details very helpful when searching for related posts. Including grouping your posts by project.


Profiles are where people will go to find out about you, and to view your entire portfolio of work.

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This is your visual representation on Cartrdge.

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What would you say is your primary specialty in game development? We know that many of you are indies and feel a bit restricted by this, so feel free to use the bio and skill tag sections to elaborate on your other skills. We kept the choice to one so that search will be easier and cleaner.

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Where are you located? Not everyone will want to share this, but if you’re looking to collaborate or work with others in your area we suggest filling this out.

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Tell the community a bit more about yourself! Help others get to know you.

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Tag your skills. Make it easy for others to find you for what you do best. This is a great place to add extra skills you have in addition to your primary "industry role."