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Lowpoly rooms! Project 5
The GetDown iOS stickers Project 14
The GetDown Project 18
Entity Info Overlay 9
Shader Magic! GIF 14
Game UI, camera fading, and match flow GIF 10
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Space Climbing in VR: early work in progress sneak peak GIF 10
PGJ Demo! 6
Death Stranding fan animation GIF 30
Museum of Unnatural History: Egypt Wing 8
Aesthetic Testing - Painted Metal GIF 23 1
Screenshot Saturday 2018-07-14 GIF 8
Physics test on Meal Escape's Prototype 8
The Altar Menu GIF 25
The Museum of Unnatural History 22
Tales From Windy Meadow - first finished scene 8
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Hey! It stole a soul! (get it? it rhymes) GIF 6
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Popcorn Enemy GIF 6
Old school platformer sensors for movement in the world GIF 7