Cartrdge Game Guide

Be Nice

Making a game is hard work, and putting yourself out there is even harder. Constructive feedback is absolutely encouraged, welcome and useful. But let’s keep it friendly; there’s no need to be mean.

Upload the work you want people to see

Put your best foot forward! This doesn’t mean every upload has to be polished or from a complete game; quite the opposite in fact. A lot of the fun is sharing work in progress and your process, and creating a timeline of a game's or project's development.

Give Feedback

Create relationships with others in the community. It’ll help them get better, and make it more likely that they comment on your work as well.

Have fun!

There are amazing people uploading their incredible work for the community to enjoy. At the end of the day Cartrdge is a community for the world of video games, so don’t forget to have fun!