Frequently Asked Questions

updating as we get more questions :)

What Is Cartrdge?

Cartrdge is a community for the people making video games. It’s a place to showcase yourself and portfolio your work, in a community designed for the members of the video game industry. It’s a place to connect with one another, to offer and get feedback, and to find inspiration. A place to get noticed for your work, and to find others doing amazing things with video games.

What is a Post?

Posts are snapshots from your past or present games, or video game related projects you’re working on. A screenshot, a character, an animation sequence in GIF form, early concept art, level design, wireframes, updates to previous posts, etc. Share what you’re working on!

What is a Project?

Projects on Cartrdge are where you’ll organize all the information about a game or project you’re working on, link to play or purchase, crowdfunding or social locations, and where all the Posts related to it will be displayed.

Why can't we use links in the Post description?

We had a few situations where posts were being used as pure advertising for a game, which we felt was spammy and not the intention of the site. In an effort to keep the spam low we’ve disabled links in the post description. That said, there are many of opportunities for you to link to various places in a Project.

Why is my profile so far down on the Game Dev page?

In short, the more complete your profile and the more often you post, the higher up your profile will be on the list. It won’t stay this way forever. Our intention is to implement awesome search and filtering options soon, to make finding other users much easier. Until then the Game Devs page is where you go to find everyone.

Why can I choose only one Industry Role?

We know this feels a bit restrictive, especially for all of you indies who often wear multiple hats. The reasoning behind this decision has to do with discoverability and search: we’re designing Cartrdge to be a very searchable platform, both for content as well as you, our users. So choose the role you’d like to be most easily found for, and then use the Skill Tags section of your profile to add other roles or skillsets.

Taking down posts

We reserve the right to take down any post we feel is inappropriate or abusive and is not serving the best interests of the community. This includes posts that are:

  • Illegal
  • Pornographic or shockingly obscene
  • Racist, bigoted, sexist or otherwise offensive