Vox-Wing vs VOX Fighter

A 2-player arcade blast-fest designed for the Winnitron — or anyone who loves local multiplayer games. Play an early prototype free in your browser, on itch.io (link below)
Genres: Action
Software: MagicaVoxel
Platforms: HTML5 Mac PC
Controls: Game Pad Keyboard
Engine: Unity 3d
Voxel TIE Interceptor 12
Vox-Wing vs VOX Fighter early gameplay 5
Voxel First Order TIE Fighter 10
Voxel Y-Wing 6
Voxel TIE Fighter 7
Voxel X-Wing model 7
Lock vox-foils to attack position GIF 11
Very sneaky... GIF 28
Vox-Wing vs Vox-Fighter 104 2