Terrorarium is a strategy puzzle game where you play the role of an alien gardener who has to fight to exterminate an adorable invasive species that is wreaking havoc inside of your Terrorarium (a bottled garden filled with the most terrifying and disgusting plants in the galaxy).
Genres: Puzzle
Platforms: PC
Controls: Mouse
More Colourful = More Deadly 6
The Evil Hamburger In It's Natural Habitat 4
Beware the Evil Hamburger 5
Land Mine 3d Model 14
Disappointed Nana 11
Concept Garden: Timelapse GIF 12
Concept Garden 40
Deadly 10
Transparent Moogu GIF 12
The Gardener 13
Tribal Plant Monster GIF 14
Deadly Night(Before Christmas)Shade 21
Monstrous Plant Animation Test GIF 10
Dancing Moogu GIF 29
Game over popup 26
Terrorarium promo image 50
Moogu colour tests 15
Furnace character design 32
Bomb character design 12
Moogu character design 30
Terrorarium early map 105