Terrorarium is a strategy puzzle game about wanton destruction, adorable gore, and...gardening. No matter what The Gardener has to capture, destroy or murder along the way, she's going to win that coveted blue ribbon at the Intergalactic Horrorcultural Society Competition if it's the last thing she does.
Genres: Puzzle Strategy
Software: Blender
Platforms: Mac PC
Controls: Game Pad Mouse
Engine: Unity 3d
Moogu Guts GIF 3
Well This Is Going To Be A Problem GIF 14
Firing Moogu GIF 8
The Gardener Moonwalking GIF 49
Tentacle Monster Idle GIF 8
Tentacle Monster Smash GIF 8
Gardener Cane Animation GIF 8
Gardener Idle Animation (butt scratch) GIF 7
Heavy Moogu Skin 9
Heavy Moogu Run Animation GIF 8
Heavy Moogu Swarm GIF 14
The Gardener: Walking Animation GIF 24
The Magic of Moogu Fertilization GIF 11
Moogu Flail GIF 10
Moogu Running Animation GIF 11
Moogu 3d Model 15
The Gardener Turnaround, NOW IN 3D 13
Gardener Turnaround -- Final 13
The Gardener -- New Character Design 17
Creative Population Control GIF 27
Moonwalk to Levitate GIF 18
Don't Feed The...whatever that is 67
Demo Level Map: Complete! 16
Sneaking Around the Monster GIF 13
First Demo Level Map v 3.0 16
First Demo Level Map v 2.0 29
Vaporwave Space Plants 17
First Demo Level Map 47
Moogu Trapped on a Ledge GIF 21
Concept Monster: Dire Mushroom 16
Animation Test: Moogu Landing GIF 18
Wind Demo GIF 13
Stump Walker 17
Model Recolouring Tests: Tree 14
Monstrous Forms 14
Colour Keys: Terrorarium Environments 39
Terrorarium Gameplay Demo GIF 73
Terrorarium Gameplay Mock-Up 172
Unity Test: Moogu movement mechanic GIF 18
Space Grandma: Timelapse GIF 12
The Gardener, our ambitious Space Grandma 18
Antler Plant Monster 34
Cactus Beast 3d Model GIF 14 1
Cabbage Grandpa 22
More Colourful = More Deadly 22 1
The Evil Hamburger In It's Natural Habitat 15
Beware the Evil Hamburger 15
Land Mine 3d Model 31
Disappointed Nana 21
Concept Garden: Timelapse GIF 19
Concept Garden 54
Deadly 14
Transparent Moogu GIF 17
The Gardener 20
Tribal Plant Monster GIF 21
Deadly Night(Before Christmas)Shade 25
Monstrous Plant Animation Test GIF 22
Dancing Moogu GIF 69
Game over popup 32
Terrorarium promo image 57
Moogu colour tests 20
Furnace character design 38
Bomb character design 15
Moogu character design 33
Terrorarium early map 116