Andrea Valesini

Creative Director


Arts lover and couch addicted, I’m also into horror movies and a binge watcher of TV shows. Grown up beating nonstop on the keys of my loyal 286, I draw things and make people laugh.

Roma, RM, Italia

Posts Projects
Shadow 21 2
Escape on the schoolbus! GIF 8
Slavers helicopter GIF 9
Black Paradox. Bounty hunter 51
Black Paradox gameplay sneak peek GIF 20
Gusteau Fringes GIF 7
Victor Salamandra GIF 14
Cooking meth with Walter White GIF 133
Travel the galaxy GIF 13
Black Paradox GIF 37
Bicycle escape in Peculiar Stuff’s woods Project 23
Down under the mexican wall 16
Escaping the mexican cartel with Walter Heisenberg 30
Shoot'em up level GIF 15
Ninja gang headquarters, the Docks 17
We are working at the third world of Landflix Odyssey, Blindevil Project 18
Meet Yubi, The Finger's ninja boss GIF 25
The mighty Kingpink. Blindevil mid-boss battle Project 65