Animator, Pixel Artist


Hi, I'm Shane! I'm a freelance artist and game designer, as well as an entrepreneur with several successful Kickstarter campaigns. I am available for commission, feel free to contact me for a quote.

Tallinn, Estonia

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Cave Tileset 17
Space Walk GIF 11
The World-Eater Worm GIF 16
RPG Gear Icons 52
Four Old Tilesets 13
Golden Temple Portal 9
Grassy Hill Tileset 23
Firebase Glacier 13
RPG Skill Icons 12
Animated NPCs GIF 15
Grassy Meadow Tileset 26
The Desert Temple GIF 20
Attack Animations GIF 20
Animal Sprites 30
World Map 20
Attack Animation GIF 90
Colorful Woodland Tileset GIF 31
Stone Houses 108
Magical Effects GIF 22
Wagon House GIF 23