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Poor cow in stasis! GIF 14
Primer prototipo 5
Mapa Project 12
Modelado segundo robot Project 8
Modelado del primer robot Project 17
Shiny new world assets Project 17
NeoArk enemy photon cannons 22
Procedimiento creativo Project 11 1
Various Pickups 61
Things that matter! Project 75
NeoArk Bombs 20
NeoArk Ammunition Pickup 24
NeoArk Boost effect with speed lines 21
NeoArk new screen Slomo effect. 16
Blocks of Nibiru Project 7
Isolation 12
An unexpected panorama Project 20
A dark bridge Project 23
Through Tokyo's caves Project 29
On the road for the demo 26
Tentacle Monster Idle GIF 11
Tentacle Monster Smash GIF 10
New Foliage GIF 19
The procedural textures that we made for the game Project 14
Watchman of the Sleeping City Project 29
Neopolitania Project 157 1
Skyscraper Rooftop Golf Tease GIF 16
Agloe-1 113
Gardener Cane Animation GIF 9
Metin geeft een training over de V-Ray renderer op het jaarlijkse EUE 3D evenement 11