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Voice Demo Game Reel Project 11
Marco Polo World School: Nash Project 31
Marco Polo World School: Chester Project 9
Marco Polo World School: Lily Project 10
Marco Polo World School: Gorby Project 18
Marco Polo World School: Willow Project 8
Marco Polo World School: Marco Project 10
3 Years Difference: Halo UE4 Speed Builds 15
Where are you? GIF 150 1
Magnetic Field Tookit 20180324 12
Girl potrait screenshot with palette used 14
Girl potrait PixelArt conversion using PixaTool GIF 26
Conversion texture with the new PixaTool GIF 25
Free Paragon assets from Epic: Lighting Experiment GIF 133
New Special FX tab on PixaTool 23
Starcraft Cover pixelized in 8bit 26
Fortress of Solitude GIF 16
Starcraft cover using a 64 color palette with the new PixaTool version GIF 31
New PixaTool version with fress UI able to export any image size, even 4k. GIF 17
The Sword in the Stone GIF 35
8Bit Texture conversion using the Heretic palette GIF 35
Icy version with my 128 color palette GIF 26
8bit texture conversion using the Hexen palette GIF 21
Mario Odyssey using the Pico8 palette (16 colors) GIF 57
Eleven from Stranger things using 32 colors GIF 71
Crash Bandicoot gif transition GIF 78
Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj 8bit gif transition GIF 50
Liège (Belgium) in 1730 Project 48
Bestnine of PixaTool 2017 77
Witch Twitch: UI without Text Project 65 4