A local multiplayer party game about dunk your friends into hoops, walls and each other. you are the ball and so is everyone else! (Releasing January 5th 2018, first on AirConsole). A small side-project to help fund development of my other games. collaborating with Kyle Olson (
Release Date: Jan, 05 2018
AIRBALLERS - Explosions! GIF 19
AIRBALLERS - Courtyard Stage (INGAME) GIF 36
AIRBALLERS - Always Ask. GIF 21
AIRBALLERS - Diegetic Menu GIF 42
AIRBALLERS - Coin Physics GIF 22
AIRBALLERS - Dilapidated Mansion Courtyard (WIP) 13
AirBallers - Hoops and BallStache GIF 16
Got carried away with trying to make my pause menu juicy.. GIF 19
Stunnin' & Ballin' GIF 19