You are Herrmann, strong like an oak and bearded like a northern man. Your day couldn't be really worse. A bunch of Gobos invaded your farm and want to steal your precious little pigs. But they don't know that you are a master in axe throwing. Kick their butts in this shoot 'em up! You can download the game on Gamejolt:
Genres: Casual Shooter
Platforms: PC
Controls: Keyboard Mouse
Engine: Unity 2d
Release Date: Feb, 14 2018
Axeplode Release 15
Reworked Axeplode feature 9
Little Goblin GIF 15
Gargoyle Attack GIF 14
Axeplode farm level 21
More enemies 17
Sneak peak new Axeplode 31
Townmap 118
Axeplode Titlescreen 41
Piggies are scared GIF 74
Village Background 50
Sketching new backgrounds 18
Herrmann, Animations GIF 67