Untitled Curling Game

I'm having fun, so let's see how far I can take this thing.
Platforms: --
Engine: Unity 3d
Tags: Curling
Game UI, camera fading, and match flow GIF 10
Power Bar Tweaks and Game Loop GIF 8
Allowing for handskill modified shots GIF 7
Prototype Complete Shot Selection GIF 7
Feature complete shot modifiers GIF 15
Guard/Takeout, V 1 GIF 11
Curling State Machines Project 17
Marching Ants! GIF 18
Controllers and LineRenderers GIF 17
Models, Camera, Power Curve GIF 78
Weight updates and regulation rink Project 33
First Pass Curling Demo GIF 14
UE4 Curling GIF 27 4
Added Broom GIF 29