RPG in a Box

RPG in a Box (currently in alpha) is a set of tools for easily creating 3D grid-based, voxel-style role-playing and adventure games.
Genres: Adventure RPG
Platforms: Linux Mac PC
Controls: Keyboard Mouse
Engine: Godot
Tags: Voxel 3D RPG Engine
Movement Range in Combat 3
Movement Range Testing GIF 4
Custom Portraits 3
Character Portraits GIF 4
Health Bars 3
Bear (Walk Animation) GIF 15
Game Credits GIF 10
Spatial Sounds 12
Dialogue Box Styles 29
Item Tooltips GIF 14
Dungeon Door GIF 29
Top-Down Camera 9
Tiny World Example GIF 12
Replacing Tiles GIF 9
Progress in 2016 10
Exporting to MagicaVoxel 20
Merry Christmas! 7
Generating Auto-Tiles GIF 42
Interaction Cursors 9
Auto-Tiling Preview GIF 38
Item Pickup GIF 14
Seeker 17 23
First-Person Controls GIF 20
Entity Model Swapping GIF 25
Camera Scripting in E1M1 GIF 58
Visual Script Editor 50
Smooth Camera Transitions GIF 38
Camera Scripting GIF 36
Group Animations GIF 45
Idle Animations GIF 76
Camera Types 27
Voxel Editor 76
Map Editor 43