RPG in a Box

RPG in a Box (currently in alpha) is designed to be a set of tools for easily creating 3D grid-based, voxel-style role-playing and adventure games.
Genres: Adventure RPG
Platforms: Linux PC
Controls: Keyboard Mouse
Engine: Godot
Tags: Voxel 3D RPG Engine
Dialogue Box Styles 21
Item Tooltips GIF 9
Dungeon Door GIF 23
Top-Down Camera 6
Tiny World Example GIF 11
Replacing Tiles GIF 5
Progress in 2016 8
Exporting to MagicaVoxel 15
Merry Christmas! 6
Generating Auto-Tiles GIF 38
Interaction Cursors 8
Auto-Tiling Preview GIF 34
Item Pickup GIF 13
Seeker 17 22
First-Person Controls GIF 15
Entity Model Swapping GIF 23
Camera Scripting in E1M1 GIF 56
Visual Script Editor 33 1
Smooth Camera Transitions GIF 33
Camera Scripting GIF 33
Group Animations GIF 44 1
Idle Animations GIF 73
Camera Types 24
Voxel Editor 66
Map Editor 41