A co-operative platformer. Each player is able to shine a coloured ray of light to guide their path and reveal what lies unseen. Utilise lantern colours individually and combined to create a path and reveal what lies unseen, or hollow what blocks the path.
Genres: Platformer Puzzle
Platforms: PC
Controls: Game Pad Keyboard Mouse
Engine: Unity 2d
Coloured Door Particles and Portal GIF 4
Wisp Movement and Particle Trails GIF 5
Door Power Up Particles (Coloured) Close Up GIF 5
Door Power Up Particles (Coloured) GIF 9
Custom Editor Window (Unity): Prefab Creator GIF 50
Custom Editor Window - Unity GIF 30
Death & Re-spawn Particles GIF 14
Activated Portal Particle Effect GIF 18
Candle Ash Particle Effect GIF 18
Coin Particle Effect GIF 17
Death & Respawn Particles GIF 13
Lanterns Menu GIF 26
WIP Lanterns Menu Polish GIF 28
Lanterns WIP Pause Menu GIF 17
Randomised UI Colours GIF 25