Nic Lyness

Game Designer, UI/UX Designer


Studied a Bachelor of Games Development at SAE. Game Designer with a focus on UI/UX design & coding, particle effects, level design and game audio. Fluent in Unity and C#. FMOD-Unity competent.

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Posts Projects
Custom Editor Window (Unity): Prefab Creator GIF 44
Custom Editor Window - Unity GIF 21
Death & Re-spawn Particles GIF 9
Activated Portal Particle Effect GIF 8
Candle Ash Particle Effect GIF 9
Coin Particle Effect GIF 8
Death & Respawn Particles GIF 7
Staccato Quart UI Flow GIF 13
StaccatoQuart Main Menu GIF 17
WIP StaccatoQuart Menu #2 GIF 7
WIP StattacoQuart Menu GIF 10
Lanterns Menu GIF 17
WIP Lanterns Menu Polish GIF 22
Lanterns WIP Pause Menu GIF 11
Randomised UI Colours GIF 19
Crystal Particle Effects GIF 35