Michael Miele

Game Designer


Hello everyone, my name is Michael Miele. I am a game designer who loves to make weird and wacky games. I have recently graduated from Pennsylvania College of Technology and I'm excited!

South Williamsport, PA

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New items for interaction 17
Better Dialogue Boxes GIF 34 2
Chatting Title Card GIF 29
Chatting with a Jackal GIF 25
New game available! 25
Shifty-Eyes Skeleton Anim GIF 26
Scary Mask Animation GIF 26
Generic Flying Bat Anim. GIF 41
Bimby the Bomb Animation GIF 53
G. R. C. (top view) 22
G. R. C. (side) 30
Goat Reindeer Creature 28
Handyman sprite sheet 60