GOD'S FART (+tutorial!!!)

Made with After Effects (loads of effects), and Magicavoxel (beleive it or not)

This is the original Magicavoxel image that i used for transforming into the thing you see up there.

All it took was a few layers of these with greenscreen effects and gradients, some glow with 0px spread and some inverting, after that i basically just added pixel sort and some minor details and voila!

Here are some screenshots while i was still editing this: (you can see that i really put effort into the screenies)

I put some cyan-magenta circular gradients on the yellow circled layers, and the light green - dark blue gradients (earthlike) on the red ones, first 2 are greenscreens, take a look at the "mode" column, it is very important if you want to get it right.

Order: Invert (Green); Keylight 1.2 (greenscreen); Gradient ramp; 0 px glow (mess with tolerance); Invert (Blue, 69% blend with original); Invert (Alpha); 250 px normal glow

By inverting the existing composition this way (blending 50%!!!!) you can get some pretty interesting colors!

Pixel sort is a must.

Lens flares on original (green) with exact these settings and 0 px glow and greenscreen after that should do the trick.

Same but with different settings and rotated. Again, check the "Mode" column down there.

Just activate all the stuff you have and done!

(comp 2 is for my logo, don't worry, you didn't miss anything)

Make sure to comment if you want more of these, or don't if you simply don't care, it's fun to do these anyways.