Maciej Gajzlerowicz

Game Writer


The stories I want to tell can't be presented through non-interactive media. And since video games deserve better than what they usually get, I decided to risk it all and develop my own games.

Wrocław, POLAND

Posts Projects
Tales From Windy Meadow - first finished scene 5
Haven't decided yet how much should we "dim" the non-speaking character 9 1
Salvia's Hut 6
Predi's Room 8
Little Oak village 13
Rainy Evening in Windy Meadow (best in 50 frames) 10
Candle-making, old vs. new 12
Redrawing Fabel 6
Medieval books Project 9
Runs in the family 10
A bandit 38
Windy Meadow, a quiet evening in the Tasty Claw tavern 12
Lumberjack 6
Mayor Lacerta 8
Wild Forest - Old Vs New 13
Which one do you prefer? 16
Our first entry in IndieDevHour 10
Great Apple Tree 14
First Footage - Tales From Windy Meadow 12
Changes, changes... 13
Vates' House, Night-time 22
Pixel Art Speed Draw #3 - Male Villager 20
Some WIP areas : ) Project 56
Pixel Art Speed Draw #2 11
Some graphics mixed together 20
Happy new year! 18
Pixel Art Speed Draw - Tales From Windy Meadow 16
Village Watch - Tales From Windy Meadow 11
Tales From Windy Meadow - Map Development 18
Tales From Windy Meadow - Teaser 11
Tales From Windy Meadow - Introduction Project 16