Eric Merz

Game Designer


After I learned everything there is about the human bone, I decided it would be more fun to learn how to blow up digital worlds.


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Several weeks later, still adding movement options... GIF 10
*punch* *punch* *PUNCH!* GIF 10
Rumble Robot 14
Putting more Anime into my videogame GIF 12
Uppercut! GIF 13
Backdashlongjump GIF 13
more enviroments GIF 11
Parallax-scrolling GIF 12
First levels GIF 15
Tackle Them! GIF 9
Bug squashing GIF 13
Teleport! GIF 11
Platformer movement system GIF 33
Skuiggle Release Trailer 11
Punch Punch! GIF 11
Painting with two players GIF 19
Painting Game GIF 13
Nine Spaceships in ten days 44
A person with a rifle 17
Letting me make Videogames was a mistake GIF 19
Slightly old idle animation GIF 61
Visual test for Shmup style levels GIF 12
Visual mock up, featuring Slimes GIF 22
A happy family of Protoplasms GIF 15
Powering up even further GIF 18
Powering Up GIF 22
Enter the Clownzone GIF 12
(Final) Giftrailer GIF 19
Background animation GIF 15
Start screen transition GIF 14
Hyper Mode Projectiles GIF 26
Smoke GIF 9
Cracktro (almost done) GIF 30
Cracktro (not finsished) GIF 15
gif trailer GIF 29
New Explosions GIF 18
Secret Area (mock-up) 25 1
Death Eggs GIF 22
Water related animations GIF 44
Water makes you wet! GIF 22
Kicking up dust GIF 24
Rolling! GIF 16
Better running animation GIF 16
Have some lightning GIF 14
Shoot things on rooftops GIF 18
Beware of the Froshzone GIF 12
Switchblock-Hell GIF 19
Glowy Floors GIF 13
Re-worked Water Zone GIF 26
Slide/Dash Demonstration GIF 24
Götzi (Ice-Zone Boss) GIF 45
New Boss (WiP) 13
Perpetual Rain GIF 28
Respect the classics GIF 18
An old classic GIF 22
New Sprite + Animations GIF 35
Updated Character GIF 17
Weapon Mods are done! GIF 37
Weapon-Modifiers GIF 31
Splinter Zone Trailer 23
Parallax GIF 47 1
Working on a new logo GIF 29
Powerup! GIF 28
Permanence GIF 38
Important Lessons GIF 48 1
Explosions are important GIF 36