Marco Polo World School: Nash


I have the pleasure of working as Senior 3D Artist at Marco Polo Learning working on a unique range of learning applications for children. I am currently working on creating 3D assets for our flagship application Marco Polo: World School, a phd curriculum led learning app for children between ages 5-8. The application is a blend of 3D and 2D illustrative games and video based around various topics.

For World School I was tasked with taking the company mascots and recreating them in 3D for use in the app. This involved working from existing high end 3D models of the characters and rebuilding and re-topologising them before creating UV's, textures, rigging and animation and implementing them into Unity. Once in engine I was responsible for creating and assigning materials. and animations and applying lighting and vfx.

As the youngest of the group Nash is the cheeky one! He can often be found causing mischief or doing something he shouldn't. But at the end of an adventure Nash always learns something new brings the fun to the Polo group! He's also hilarious!

Marco Polo: World School is currently available on app store for iOS.

High Poly Version

In App Version

In App Version Wireframe