Potions with Liquid Simulation


Potions with Liquid Simulation

Below this text section there is a bunch of gifs and images outlining all the cool stuff we packed into this project.

I thought I'd share this project as I'm pretty happy with the visuals and functionality in the latest update that has just gone live on Unity Asset Store (16/11/17). I've been working on a workshop demo scene to show off our potions. This scene allows users to pick up and smash potions with the mouse -- just one of the ways someone might use this pack! 

Whats in the pack?

  • 7 potion bottle prefabs set up with shattering, liquid simulation, labels and pouring functionality (many shaders and scripts to cover all bases/ functionality desired)
  • A mobile ready potion liquid shader
  • Documentation to guide you through all the scripts and shaders, as well as how to set up your own potions

Where can you get it?

You can find this pack on the asset store here, though the update including the workshop and mobile friendly potions won't be live for a few weeks due to the Unity submission process. However, you will still get the 7 potions and all the functionality included in the currently live v1.2.

I'm pretty happy with how this scene turned out for such a quick turn around (for me)!

A static shot of the workshop demo scene without all the nasty gif compression.

One of the bottles included in the pack, demonstrating the pouring and liquid simulation functionality.

The liquid volume distortion in action. Users can turn this on and off/ scale the level of distortion of each liquid volume.