Blood will be Spilled

Blood will be Spilled is a spaghetti western-themed 2D action platformer taking place in a world inhabited by insects. You follow the story of Jack, a mosquito gunslinger, on his quest for revenge. Experience action-packed shootouts, suck blood from your enemies and use powerful abilities, all in a hand-drawn comic book like world.
Jack - melee attack GIF 26
Radial menu UI experiment GIF 124
Bad Guys GIF 61
Gunstore UI experiment GIF 121
Indi-Ant Shaman Hut GIF 61
Driftwood Church GIF 22
Driftwood Saloon GIF 10
Driftwood Graveyard GIF 32
The Man(tis) of God GIF 25
Sna-Ke-Eyes GIF 7
José the dragonfly GIF 12
Sundance the bandit GIF 9
Jack - chest opening GIF 9
Fernando the Tank GIF 17
Skills 9
Guns, pistols, rifles 22
Friends 32
Enemies 9
Ramirez 17
Marshal 7
Queen of Hearts 23
Ace 10
Jack 7