Construction System


An essential part of Planetrism game is to build you own colony. Regardless of the number of inhabitants, you will need an infrastructure of buildings, equipment and facilities to serve all the tasks you have to do in order to survive and prosper on an exoplanet. Game core involves five general areas of tasks and activities: 1) Energy cycle, 2) Food cycle, 3) Materials cycle, 4) Science cycle and 5) Community cycle.
You need greenhouses to grow food, and you need barracks to live in. For scientific studies you need laboratories. And if you want to keep things in control, you need to have a command centre. Power, air and data has to be transferred from their sources, storaged and then distributed through appropriate conduits where it is needed. More detailed account about game core may be found on our devlog (
Constructions system is still in early stages, but you can already construct buildings anywhere you like. There is no construction grid on the landscape. Instead of that, you can place your buildings anywhere you like. You pick the spot and orientation. System calculates how much resources and work is needed based on building itself, location and terrain form beneath it. This and next video shows basic colony building in quite normal environment. Usually colonies are quite small and built in places where environment offers best protections against storms, and near suitable source of energy and resources.
This kind of colony could be built with unlimited resources, and it would be very hard and time consuming to build this in normal game. But this has another purpose, too. I wanted to test the performance in VR, and due to our very finely tweaked materials there were no problems. Performance was steady 90 FPS. We have also been thinking to leave somekind of sandbox mode with unlimited resources in the game - for those players who just like to build and do "stuff".
In these videos, the whole construction process is intentionally sped up. In real game it may take hours or days to build any structure depending on how much workforce you have available, how much resources you have available and where they are etc. Any building is constructed in several stages represented visually.
Player uses a data tablet to manage construction project. He may browse available building templates, choose a location, and then start the building project. He also gets information about factors like construction time estimates, available resources etc. You can manage whole process on the ground or from drone cam perspective.
In addition to plains, hills and mountains, you may build on water, too. Either as a floating colony or with based reaching the bottom. All colony layouts you see in videos have been built with this system in game itself. This is still under heavy development. Please keep in mind, that in the videos below we have used several placeholder materials and temporary structures.