[2018, Big Gif] A showcase of some fancier 3D stuff I've done


This shows off most of the stuff I've builtfor GameMaker so far!

Full 3D blended animations (you can blend between animations and frames!)m 3D shader driven particles, 3D controls, full 3D, octree-based collision (You may notice the wall kicks and more!)

Parallax Occlusion Mapping (<- I super love this one!!), Triplanar mapping, Realtime dynamic shadows (for direction lights - spot lights should be similar to implement, just use perspective instead of ortho, but rendering 6 images for a point light seems kinda bad for something like GameMaker - I think baked lighitng for those would be fine, though)

All the lighting uses GameMakers built-in system too, to make it easy to integrate with other projects

There's also the skybox in the background too!

Here's a slightly more static view of the triplanar shading. 

I think I referenced this article when making this: https://medium.com/@bgolus/normal-mapping-for-a-triplanar-shader-10bf39dca05a

I think (I'm not certain), but I think I chose the "Whiteout" method for blending. 

Good stuff!

After I made skyboxes work with GameMaker (it turns out you can't map each face of a TextureCube yet, so you have to transform a 3D vector onto a 2D texture), adding reflections was pretty easy. If I merge a bunch of my shaders, I could probably knock out a PBR shader in no time. 

(did I mention I made a tool for generating skyboxes, too?)

I also figured it'd look really cool if I integrated volumetric lighting (or god rays... or crepuscular rays... or light scattering) into this stuff too. Really makes the sun look super cool. 

Based on this: http://fabiensanglard.net/lightScattering/

There are a couple of other things I want to do. the main ones being shader-based fire (I think that could look cool) and volumetric fog/clouds. That one's gonna be a bit of a challenge, as GameMaker doesn't support 3D textures (yet???), but it's still technically doable - just more mathy.