Moon Magnate

Alas the moon is not my friend / Alas we come upon the end / Alas the fair and gay folk send / Farewells to all of marking mend // Alas the night is now my foe / Alas the light of demon glow / Alas for Niaril we know / Her face no more this land will show // Alas the lust for greed untold / Alas the need for depth so bold / Alas the death of all the old / At last the strength of words I hold
Software: Illustrator
Controls: Game Pad
Engine: Unity 2d
air twirl GIF 72
Mist Could Pass GIF 64 1
vat of death GIF 46
Jakylope scream, stalk GIF 81
destructible pottery GIF 36
death/revive anim GIF 79
heartbeat animation GIF 33
weapon upgrade layout GIF 165 3