Thirst for Souls - Devlog #1


 The first week of the game! I can already see a big difference from that ugly boxy prototype I created on the first day. 

 I used Unity's probuilder to prototype a castle, I could've skipped this as I didn't use it. 

 I used the Unity built-in terrain tool to create a rough terrain from what I was imagining in my mine. It was pretty easy to use. 

 Those blue boxes are placeholders for towns that will be just there for the atmosphere. I figured the world would feel empty without some other civilisations around us. So I created 3 towns. 

 For a better atmosphere, I created a low-poly boat model and made a script to randomly use one of 4 materials, for some diversity. I used Unity's Navmesh for the boats to go from one place to a random destination. (from 6 destinations) 

 I added some terrain textures because people thought it was gonna be a snow game, and because I should. 

 Then I placed some rocks around the world. 

 Finally, I replaced one of the towns for a more consistent look, as it felt too cartoony compared to other towns.