A four-player local multiplayer dungeon crawling game where players must descend through multiple floors of an ever-changing dungeon with the goal of reaching the end in one session. Players are given 4 classes to choose from, each with their own strengths and flaws that will define how a player plays. It is up to the players to work together and survive the trials of the dungeon.
Software: MagicaVoxel
Platforms: PC
Controls: Game Pad
Engine: Unity 3d
Sprite Test in Level GIF 8
Metal Added and Transparency GIF 11
Test-Run of the Sprite Enemy GIF 4
Sword Re-Design 15
New Menu Options Test GIF 7
Crawler's Start Screen 7
New Style 2 - From Behind 12
New Style 10
4P Local Multiplayer GIF 26
Better Health and Stamina GIF 22
Combat and Equip GIF 14
Enemy in Motion GIF 34
Knight Design Model 10
4-Way Path 10
Knight Model 9
Player Death Test GIF 11
Enemy A.I. Test One GIF 9