Cameron Denton

Game Designer


Independent game developer from Cleveland, Ohio. I specialize in game programming with C# -- Particularly in Unity -- but I am able and willing to learn something new if need be.

Cleveland Ohio

Posts Projects
Sprite Test in Level GIF 20
Metal Added and Transparency GIF 16
Test-Run of the Sprite Enemy GIF 10
Sword Re-Design 20
New Menu Options Test GIF 11
Crawler's Start Screen 11
New Style 2 - From Behind 17
New Style 16
4P Local Multiplayer GIF 31
Better Health and Stamina GIF 24
Combat and Equip GIF 14
Enemy in Motion GIF 39
Knight Design Model 13
4-Way Path 12
Knight Model 14
Player Death Test GIF 13
Enemy A.I. Test One GIF 9
Animated Logo GIF 16