Ivan Kozmon

Animator, Game Designer


Currently working on our first game - Blood will be Spilled, where I wear quite a few hats, namely: Game designer, Writer, Producer, 2D animator, UI artist and Motion Graphics designer.

Bratislava, Slovakia

Posts Projects
Jack - melee attack GIF 53
Radial menu UI experiment GIF 147
Bad Guys GIF 76
Gunstore UI experiment GIF 127
Indi-Ant Shaman Hut GIF 70
Driftwood Church GIF 27
Driftwood Saloon GIF 14
Driftwood Graveyard GIF 36
The Man(tis) of God GIF 27
Sna-Ke-Eyes GIF 10
José the dragonfly GIF 15
Sundance the bandit GIF 13
Jack - chest opening GIF 12
Fernando the Tank GIF 22