rrerr is a game centered around the horrible decisions one has to make when trying to avoid being murdered by a big hairy monster. Foster relationships, build a shelter, perform a sacrificial ritual. rrerr aims to push you to make the hard choices for the benefit of your tribe. Coming soon to Steam Greenlight.
Platforms: PC
Controls: Keyboard Mouse
Engine: Unreal 4
Day, Season Counter GIF 12
Clock UI GIF 82
Interactive Temp UI GIF 157
Supply Stipulation GIF 11 1
Interaction Stuff GIF 146 1
Getting wood ;D GIF 18 1
rrerr 6
Deer Timelapse GIF 194 2
Magical Deer GIF 23
Magical Logging Accident GIF 233 2
Leder Tree Generation 21
Ambit Tree Cutting GIF 167 1
Ambit Campfire UI GIF 223 2 1
Happy Holidays! GIF 17 1
Ambit GIF 180 1