Hippo Can Fly

UI/UX Designer, Visual Effects Artist


One third of @kestrelgames Love pretty things, organized things and moving things.

Vancouver, BC

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Collection UI/FX GIF 12
Assimilation Time! GIF 8
Grass Slashin' GIF 26
Looooot! GIF 15
How to clean up the creep infested area - Part 2 GIF 7
How to clean up the creep infested area - Part 1 GIF 52
Witch Twitch: UI without Text Project 57 4
Stomping on Various Plants GIF 22
Reactive Plants Test GIF 33
Rule with an Iron Fish - A Pirate Fishing Adventure GIF 36
They will never leave you alone... GIF 67
Witch Twitch Title Screen 16
How to deal with an unwanted monster... GIF 112 2
Reproduction 101 GIF 12
Don't let them zap you! GIF 26
Level HUD GIF 31
Lookie all the vessels! GIF 67
So the adventure begins.. GIF 39
More fish, please! GIF 14
Storm is coming GIF 144