take an expedition through a living world. discover new flora and fauna! harvest said flora and fauna--but don't be surprised if it bites back.
Floaty UI GIF 10
UI/UX test for ship map GIF 21
Pick up the bling!! GIF 18
Map UI Transition Test GIF 25
Collection UI/FX GIF 39
Grass Slashin' GIF 58
Looooot! GIF 24
Strange beasts! And thoughts on making them Project 46 2
How to clean up the creep infested area - Part 2 GIF 14
How to clean up the creep infested area - Part 1 GIF 69
Stomping on Various Plants GIF 40
Reactive Plants Test GIF 37
pleasance combat fx: workflow for new, terrifying problems Project 50 5
world’s best watering system (scroll down to see how you ‘get’ water... Project 24
little worlds 44
Storm is coming GIF 149
dark biome 20
pleasant plants Project 51 2
pleasance char concepts 34
pleasance env concepts Project 29
draws! 19
pleasance WIP 57