Gabriel Koenig



Hi, my name is Gabriel and I make games, music, art, etc. Love dark and/or absurd humour. Typically like to work with a more improvisational process.

Vancouver, BC

Posts Projects
Dancing on Rooftops GIF 5
Classic Post-Processing GIF 9
Dismantled GIF 80 1
Chatty Golem GIF 8
First Steps GIF 15
Human Mobile GIF 17
Shader Experiment #1 GIF 37
Depth Buffer Experiment GIF 106
Live Filter Mode GIF 55
Black and White Title GIF 29
Missile Deflection GIF 357
Monster Party GIF 51
Flashier Monster Intro GIF 98
Approaching a Planet GIF 171
Jettomero 1950s Mode GIF 106
New Wormholes GIF 64
Post-Process Experiment GIF 41
Monster Planet GIF 40
Snares Everywhere GIF 78
Visiting a New Planet GIF 103 2