OfficeBots: Reality Bytes [VR] - version 3.0

OfficeBots: Reality Bytes [VR] is a little game with a big heart. Explore a wonderfully weird corporate office, listen to your robotic co-workers’ stories, and help to solve their problems. Ultimately your goal is to find a way to escape, but your journey to freedom will give you many opportunities to brighten up the lives of others. It's a story and character focused experimental game which aims to encourage empathy from the player. Initially designed and programmed by an independent solo developer, it is now being revised, enhanced, and expanded with the help of a small team.
Release Date: Jun, 06 2018
Bots go mad here... Project 7
Brand spanking new & revised menu title scene. GIF 18
Ditsy Daisy splashing her coffee around. GIF 23
Dancing Curie is happy now. GIF 11
Chatting with Curie in the Office. Project 33