DAEMON: 2016

DAEMON was a game, similar to SCAD Humans VS Zombies, taking place on SCAD Savannah campus from April 15th - April 17th, with Opening Night happening on April 14th. Gameplay was live-action, using NERF-style foam blasters. Combat was squad based, with each team being limited to 5-10 players during signup. One player on each team was given a Google Cardboard headset to complete Augmented Reality challenges with their team. This player was known as the team's Decker. Team's fought one another while completing missions. This segment of DAEMON was open only to SCAD Students and Alumni.
Release Date: Apr, 15 2016
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DAEMON AR (Mission 1) 10
Mission 5 9
Mission 3 10
Mission 2 Black Market 11
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DAEMON 2016 Reel 9
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