Why Recreate? (+ sketch)


'Beautiful' was a game I originally create for the GAME IDEA game jam. It was created quickly over the course of 7 days and was the first time I had ever attempted scripting. The general concept of the game is to wander through an atmospheric wasteland and engage with the monuments. I thoroughly enjoyed this concept, as I am really interested in constructing 3D environments and spaces in which the player can wander.
My scope for the original game was limited by my own ability and time constraints. As such, some of the movement is basic at best and janky at worst. I plan to rework and expand upon this game with a more detailed and engaging environment. The game will need to be entirely recreated as I originally created it in Unreal but want to use Unity (as I am now more comfortable with Unity and also would like to create Mac and Linux builds).
I plan to put more time and work into constructing the environment and monuments. Above are some thumbnails of new monuments that I may incorporate.