You can use PixaTool to get 8bit/Pixel style images, optimize your PixelArt or just adding some cool effects. Also PixaTool is able to convert images into ASCII/ANSI art exported in images(.PNG).
Girl potrait screenshot with palette used 9
Girl potrait PixelArt conversion using PixaTool GIF 19
Conversion texture with the new PixaTool GIF 20
New Special FX tab on PixaTool 18
Starcraft Cover pixelized in 8bit 19
Starcraft cover using a 64 color palette with the new PixaTool version GIF 20
New PixaTool version with fress UI able to export any image size, even 4k. GIF 13
8Bit Texture conversion using the Heretic palette GIF 29
Icy version with my 128 color palette GIF 19
8bit texture conversion using the Hexen palette GIF 15
Mario Odyssey using the Pico8 palette (16 colors) GIF 53
Eleven from Stranger things using 32 colors GIF 67
Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj 8bit gif transition GIF 47
Crash Bandicoot gif transition GIF 70
Bestnine of PixaTool 2017 74
Original/Converted texture transition GIF 23
PixaTool conversion comparation 56
Pico8 version of a Cyberpunk 2077 frame trailer 65
Comparision using my new 128 color palette 67
Grass trick GIF 53
Grass texture with some Secret Of Mana Style 33
Gameboy version of CyberPunk 2077 (Short clip) GIF 53
Rocks Texture conversion process GIF 64
Editing images with PixaTool at 720p GIF 38
Conversion process from Handpaint texture to 8Bit GIF 31
PixaTool - Real time video edition 28
Preview of the C64 style video conversion GIF 86
Wall bricks with some dust and blood 22
Zelda : BOTW conversion with custom palette in PixaTool 70
Triangle Pixelation 35
Another texture converted in PixaTool GIF 22
New tab for special FX GIF 24
Textures converted into 8bit style using PixaTool 41
Floor tile complete process GIF 35
Floor texture converted in PixaTool 28
Luke Cage 34
Girl Illustration into 8Bit style 23
ANSI Art conversion GIF 40
ASCII Art conversion GIF 39
Mario Odissy with Pico8 palette + Bayer8 dithering 50
Luigi Greyscale 11
Mario Odyssey with Pico8 palette 29
Luigi - Pico8 palette + Double dithering sizes 28
PixaTool double size dithering 20
Crash Bandicot 15
Katy Perry 8Bit with new dither pattern in PixaTool 29
C64 Luigi 21
Zelda: Breath Of Wild illustration conversion in PixaTool 32
3D Game using PixaTool converted textures 58
Tip to get 8bit GreyScale images in PixaTool 18
PixaTool texture conversion with custom palette GIF 39
C64 Starcraft process in PixaTool GIF 47
Kim Kardashian conversion process GIF 31
C64 Starcraft cover with PixaTool 32
Kim Kardashian made with PixaTool (32 Colors) 26
Fast texture conversion into 8bit / PixelArt style GIF 55
Convert textures into 8Bit/PixelArt 84