In a post apocalyptic environment, will you survive or will you let the town eat you alive? Inspired by the Silent Hill series for the atmosphere, It's with the chills that I share with you my very first video game. Features : - Unsual gameplay mechanics - No notes, no keys to pickup - A game that shows and doesn't tell. - Original music tracks - Voxel artstyle
Release Date: Oct, 31 2017
On the road for the demo 17
Welcome to the Coff Inn Motel GIF 12
Decayin' Donuts GIF 23
Let's design now! 10
Rage Rage Against the dying of the light Project 20
Embuscade 2.0 has started GIF 32
Zombies decay states Project 48 1
Embuscade - Voxel Title Screen GIF 86
Embuscade is spreading 32