Get ready for some platforming! Grab your Speer (which is like a spear but cooler) and navigate through a bunch of stages filled with spikes, lasers, bounce pads, switches, doors, teleporters and anything else I can think of. Throw your Speer into walls and jump on it, use it to flick switches, hit enemies in the face with it...the possibilities are endless!* *The possibilities are not endless
Release Date: Dec, 20 2017
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[Speer] Has Been Released! GIF 17
World 2 GIF 66 2
Preview Build Released! GIF 37
Clouds in the Sky GIF 26
Sponge 'em Up GIF 21
Precision Shots GIF 10
Throwin' Things GIF 15
Screen-shakin' Stones GIF 12
Thinking with Portals GIF 98 1
A Tricky Level GIF 17
Flashing Spikes GIF 13
Barriers GIF 13
The Alpha is Out! GIF 14
Stupid Sparkballs GIF 11
Jump 'n' Speer GIF 12