Abey Miranda

Technical Artist


Technical artist and animator

Valencia, Spain

Posts Projects
Growing New Plants! GIF 34 4
Animating with Math! GIF 15
Updated Grass Interaction GIF 71
Behold... the monster from Lost GIF 20
Shiny new world assets Project 17
New Foliage GIF 18
Running on walls GIF 27
Don't try this at home GIF 26
Wall Sliding and jumping up and down GIF 16
oh look.. i can reach that! GIF 19 1
Dropping down ledges GIF 13
Hopping around corners GIF 12
New controller input GIF 17
Jumping Up! GIF 28 2
Scratch scratch scratch scratch GIF 16
Ledge Jump Aiming GIF 18
Improved jump animation GIF 34
Look ma! I can reach the top! GIF 16
No, you cannot climb up there! GIF 84
Nayha Project 90
Running up walls already GIF 46
Sound Effects! 46 2
Running around is fun enough GIF 27
Enemy Awareness Indicator straight out of MGS4 GIF 38
Messing around in the bushes GIF 44
Grass vertex shader GIF 79
Blink/teleportation mechanic GIF 147 1