Rob Wass

3D Animator, 3D Artist


3D character/environment artist & animator. Currently working on Clive'N' Wrench.

Cambridgeshire, England

Posts Projects
Strong Scaffolding in Ancient Greece 16
Blinkin' Sunday Drivers! GIF 53
Runaway Carriage! 17
Tourists, always ruining the shot! 44
Hazy Casino in the Bayou 9
The Great Wen - Meat Street 14
The Great Wen 17
The Great Wen - Askew Gardens 14
Dino Dynamism 31
Clive 'N' Wrench Worlds Trailer - Patreon & Discord Launch 21 1
Careful Clive, you don't want to fall into the primordial soup! 24
A warm tropical swim, just ignore the pirates... 26
Voodoo Doll Mob 15
Clive 'N' Wrench - Meet Annie Oaktree (Cartoon Cutscene) 26
Baroness Samedice's Casino 29
Bunny, I Shrunk The Chimp 6
One Horse for Sister Sara GIF 46
Cajun Mob Bog 13
Middle Age Crisis forest 24
Tempus Tombs 69
Daucus' Mining Operations 34